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Aspiring to do things the right way.


We enjoy what we do, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Taking the high road is hard work. We try to maintain high standards and be the very best. That brings us great satisfaction. After a lifetime of seeking the truth, king Solomon said, "So I decided there is nothing better than to enjoy food and drink and to find satisfaction in work." We think he probably would have liked Portland, Oregon.

We live in an amazing culture that inspires innovation. The city is fertile for growth. Besides all Portland offers, it is also close to fantastic outdoor adventure: hiking, camping, mountain biking, skiing and surfing!


Alan Mason founder & chief strategist

In 1986, Alan's grandmother gave him a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A computer and taught him how to program. Later he earned a degree in business administration, following in the footsteps of his grandfather Frank Mason, who is a nationally recognized champion of small business. His first job out of college was in advertising, after which he entered the world of web development. Modern Interface was started in 2012 as the natural result of his interests and experience.

Alan enjoys snow-skiing, tennis, reading, sailing, running, backpacking, traveling, photography, living a healthy lifestyle and keeping up with the latest web trends and technologies. He also volunteers with kids and has no spare time to speak of.


Brandon DeWeese creative director

Brandon enjoys the challenge of adapting great designs to changing technologies. He works hard to stay on top of the newest design trends, but also on how to apply those trends to new media. He pushes beyond making designs aesthetically pleasing to reflect how a design will function or look when it's seen on a brand new device or one that's five years old. He's done excellent branding work for large corporations, B2B businesses, and small town shops.

Brandon is newly married and enjoys working out, fishing, cutting up, political commentary and testing single ply toilet paper durability. He also enjoys not having dogs or children.


Michael Gregory production coordinator

Michael graduated with a degree in camping from the far-off land of Canada. Okay, actually it's an outdoor leadership program called Outward Pursuits. He enjoys rock climbing, hiking, canoeing, and has found the perfect excuse to do all of those things by directing a local club of the Pathfinders scouting organization.

Michael spent a few years working with large and dangerous woodworking equipment, but has since returned to his nerd roots by joining Modern Interface. Michael has a lovely wife and beautiful baby girl.


Jacob Martin senior programmer

Jacob dreams in code. When he isn't developing interactive applications and websites, he's usually doing some kind of work on the servers that host them. Having built several web frameworks from the ground up (including one heavily used open source content management system), there is no concept too complex or dream too large for him to build and deploy given enough time and resources.

Jacob loves to play the guitar and compose electronic dance music in his spare time. Having moved to Portland to embrace the vibrant music scene, he can usually be found rocking out in the crowd at concerts, or sometimes on stage.


Ryan Flood photography

Ryan and his wife both are experienced photographers. Of people, of spaces, of objects and of nature. We trust his talent and abilities to bring out the very best, and yet natural side of our clients.

Ryan likes to climb mountains and ski down them. He is drawn to the less-travelled places on the map, especially those within striking distance of Portland. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons. His preference is to move about, but when stationary he enjoys thoughtful conversation, a good book or a well-written screenplay. You can see some of Ryan's work here:

Ryan Flood


Other bees in the hive

We also currently work part time with our front end developer, James - a rad dude keen on detail and forward thinking.

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