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Our Company

We are a growing web development company that takes pride in our craft. We base our decisions around what is best for the client, and are excited about each project we take on. We work hard, we work together, we don't compromise on quality and we enjoy life!

Our Culture

You might find us or our clients at food carts all over the city, biking everywhere, going hiking, taking runs by the Willamette, swimming in the Sandy river or at Sauvie Island, watching plays and music shows, riding the Max, taking photographs, tending our backyard farms, staying up late talking philosophy and politics, pretending not to have watched Portlandia, catching a sunset at the bluffs, playing chess or just generally talking about how awesome it is to live in Portland.

Current openings.

Front End Developer; Laravel, Foundation & Wordpress

(contract basis)

The skinny

A small and growing digital agency - specializing in creative marketing for small and medium businesses
Your shtick
We are looking for a front end developer to join our team on a part time contract-by-job basis. Design will be provided by our in house designers.
Our specialty
Branding and strategic digital marketing (including higher end websites)
Your top qualities
  • Pixel perfect development
  • Clean and fast code
  • Experienced with Git, Laravel, Foundation and Wordpress
  • Meets deadlines
Our future
Continue helping small businesses with digital marketing, expanding into web apps and into larger projects within 1-3 years
Job term
Per job contract basis.

The fat

Things about the work itself

  • Meet up to review a job's requirements
  • Clone entire site to your personal dev machine from staging server
  • Build out to requirements
  • Sites may include some very customized templates or database work
  • Some legacy sites involve duplication and spaghetti code
  • Test sites

Things you take care of

  • Follow our carefully crafted workflow, which unites git, Laravel, Wordpress and Foundation
  • Meet deadlines
  • Use CSS to create awesome effects
  • Create Wordpress themes and plugins, optimizing for speed
  • Maintain excellent communication, providing feedback and suggestions
  • Create and integrate custom features
  • Make sites responsive according to design specs

Straight up, you

  • Based in Portland, OR
  • Good balance of best practices and lightweight, clear code
  • Must be able to meet periodically on East side (Water Avenue area)
  • High level git, PHP, MySQL, CSS/SASS, Javascript, jQuery and AJAX skills
  • Excellent understanding of working within Laravel, Foundation and Wordpress
  • Experience with MySQL database management and integration
  • Strong code portfolio using best practices
  • Ability to solve problems independently, focusing on solutions
  • Proven skills
  • Easygoing personality with good communication skills
  • Familiar with Git

Pay commensurate with experience.

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