Healthy Body Healthy Business

As a business person, trying to squeeze physical fitness into your daily routine can feel like an exercise in futility. But what if that hour of daily exercise actually made you more efficient and successful? What if it made you a better boss or parent and helped you balance work with home? According to all the research that’s precisely what happens when you make exercise a priority.

person-sport-bike-bicycleRegular exercise will give you more energy throughout the day and better sleep at night. If you have more energy you can proactively tackle that to-do list, be more efficient and get more accomplished. Increasing blood flow to the brain helps you think more clearly, increases creativity and problem solving skills.

Sounds pretty good so far? But wait, there’s more…

Studies have shown that regular exercise actually helps people keep a better balance between the personal and the professional. People feel more efficient and effective at work, which boosts confidence, leading to more relaxation at home. Basically exercise helps you to feel like “I got this!”.

Being physically active raises endorphin levels (the feel-good hormone) which reduces stress and tension. Repetitive body movement of activities like running and walking gives your brain a chance to focus on one task.  This can help you forget, or at least let go, of the day’s stressors. Exercise has even been shown to help reduce mild depression and anxiety.

Investing an entire hour of your limited time in something new can seem overwhelming, but if the results are a healthy body and a better version of you, then that is a sound investment.