The cobbler finally gets around to making his childrens’ shoes

BootsEveryone has heard the old yarn about the cobbler whose own children are left barefoot. We can relate to that poor overworked cobbler, as we’ve been making do with a very basic website here at Modern Interface for far too long.

Well, the wait is over, and we’re pleased to unveil our shiny new website! Go ahead, check it out:

It’s not all there yet. In the coming months, we are developing a magnificent app to help you determine specific needs and costs for developing a website, a sort of calculator on steroids. More details to come. Meanwhile, enjoy what we have and let us know what you think! And go ahead, buy that new pair of shoes, you deserve them!

What is a modern interface?

SignMany business owners are entrepreneurial in spirit – naturally savvy and proactive. And almost every business owner has a website. But taking the time to understand how a website can function as a solid business asset is often moved to the back burner. It involves investing a significant amount of time that business owners rarely have much of. The alternative, as with many functions of business, is to outsource. But, this outsourcing requires confidence that the investment will yield a return.

For a restaurant, street signage is usually a no-brainer. While the amount spent on a sign can vary widely, at a minimum the sign lets a patron know that the restaurant does indeed exist in a nearby location. At a maximum, the sign can draw the attention of would-be patrons who suddenly became hungry upon viewing the sign. Or perhaps when hunger surfaces later, they recall their earlier interest in the restaurant with “that sign.”

Building signs still serve these purposes. Now however, a virtual neighborhood exists with signs that are a bit more elusive. These signs can be significantly more impressive, informative, clever, effective and, as such, expensive. The new paradigm is not just about locale, but is also niche-based. Customers can now easily find a local Italian restaurant with low-carb, gluten-free or kid-friendly options.

If you do not run a generic business, then you should not have a generic web presence.

The steps to effective digital marketing are straightforward:

  1. Brand appropriately – Go beyond using only words to represent your business
  2. Direct desiring patrons to your virtual storefront with modern signage: Social media platforms, organic and paid search engine results all require thoughtful intent
  3. Win the favor of your niche patrons and call them to action by investing not in a “brochure site,” but in a virtual maître d’.

But such an implementation requires knowledge, skill and time – a proper investment. Thankfully, the efficacy of this investment can now be measured fairly well. As a result, your money is better spent and your customers are happier. After all, they are looking specifically for your services. By outsourcing, you can focus your efforts on enhancing the experience of your customers – who are likely to review you publicly.

Why is Modern Interface different?

At Modern Interface, we have top creative talent when it comes to overall branding and a good knack for helping you represent your particular culture or philosophy. This talent reaches from the perfect logo all the way to the overall customer experience. Video, photography, print and copy are all services we provide in coordination with winning websites.

Good branding must be combined with reaching the right people in the right places. We also provide this effective marketing expertise on both technical and non-technical levels. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a switch or even a set of switches. It is an ongoing strategic effort that requires experience, planning, execution and continuous evaluation. And advertising with social media is much more personal than a newspaper ad, requiring patience and a good understanding of your fans and followers.

The results we offer may be more than many businesses are looking for or have a budget for. We typically work with client budgets of $3,000 to $15,000 who provide valuable services or products, who desire to connect with their customers digitally and grow their business, but who are not currently satisfied with their branding, image or web presence.