Little Shredders – A Digital Marketing Success Story

In todays competitive market, a website alone isn’t enough for your small business to thrive. If you provide quality services, you need to promote your business, and reach out to engage your potential customers. After all, what good is a fantastic website if no one sees it? Little Shredders Pediatric Dentistry is an example of a startup firing on all cylinders. Dr Chris Swisher


When Dr. Christopher Swisher decided to open his own pediatric dental practice in Hood River, Oregon, he knew he wanted his practice to be “out of the box.” We partnered with Dr. Swisher to create a winning website and a dynamic digital marketing plan.

Winning website with Search Engine Optimization

Little Shredders Dental website is a fun reflection on the personality of Dr. Swisher and the community of Hood River. It conveys the fact that he isn’t your typical dentist, he genuinely understands kids.

In addition to the visual design, we knew we needed strong SEO to show up on Google. We needed people around the Hood River area to be able to find his awesome new website. Our focus was on searches relating to “pediatric dentist” and “Hood River”. We’re happy to say that Little Shredders is listed first on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for a variety of related searches.

Social Media Marketing

Hood River is a smaller community so we knew social media marketing would play a very large role in getting the word out. Following our Digital Marketing Plan, Dr. Swisher quickly built a following on Facebook, the primary focus of the social media efforts. We recently ran a campaign to further spread the word in the surrounding area, and reached over 10,000 people with more than 200 clicks through to the website!

Reviews are more important than ever, and Chris has chalked up 20+ on Facebook, and is now focusing on Google to grow the portfolio there.Wind Surfer

Traditional Local Marketing

The other critical piece of the marketing is community involvement. Dr Swisher participates in local area events, bringing the Shredder bus, and sponsoring with free pizza, etc. As a Hood River native, he demonstrates his care and desire to improve his community.

Little Shredders Booth


The result of all these efforts? Little Shredders is a thriving practice, with people raving about Dr. Swisher’s excellent care of their children.

Why Your Business Needs You To Take A Vacation

If you are a small business owner, the word “Vacation” may cause an odd stress reaction. Likely, this is either because you don’t remember the last time you took one, or because the thought of taking one causes a mild panic attack. But the reality is that vacations are good for you and your business. In addition to the well known health benefits of relaxation, you also recharge your creativity, making you even more productive when you return.


Manley Beach

So, instead of throwing the vacation out the window, here are a few ideas to make it easier.

Don’t Think All or Nothing: It doesn’t have to be a cruise or a month on the Riviera to count as a vacation. Sometimes a long weekend can be just what you need to re-charge. Start small. Pick someplace close by that’s a favorite place you’ve always wanted more time to explore. Or try a “stay-cation” and do all the local tourist activities you’ve never had time to experience.

A Little Preparation Goes a Long way: If you’re gone for more than a couple days, look through your calendar to see what you would be working on during that time. Pay the bills, assign your regular tasks to specific employees, let your clients know you will be gone and who their contact person is, and don’t begin any new projects right before you leave.

To Call or Not to Call – That’s Really the Question: Decide before you leave if you will be in contact with your office, how much and when.  Also clarify with your staff what constitutes an emergency. If the thought of completely unplugging stresses you out, set yourself a time limit, say, 30 minutes each day, for the most urgent business.

A Little Extra Wiggle Room: Give yourself an extra day at the end of your time off to re-group. You will have email and snail mail to catch up on, and the mental process of getting yourself “back in the game.” And there are bound to be personal items at home that you will need to handle. Even a half day can make it easier to slide back into your ergonomic desk chair.

Anticipation: Just the process of planning a vacation can be fun. Even if it’s only a short one, it focuses you on something outside of the day to day. When you return and realize that vacations can work, you have the anticipation of planning the next one.

So take a break! Caring for yourself should be a priority. After all, you are your business’s greatest asset.

New Website Launches!

The last few months have seen a flurry of activity at Modern Interface! We’ve recently launched two new sites, and have a couple more coming very soon. Schemes are in the works for a vastly expanded and updated website for your very own Stay tuned for more details!

New Sites

FundAmerica is a crowdsource tools provider that needed a major update to their website. We took the existing concept, and re-designed it from the ground up. All graphics on the site were retooled by our talented designers.  You can check it out here:


On the other end of the service spectrum was Endeavor College Prep, a charter school network in the Los Angeles area. Endeavor had a design mocked up, but they needed it programmed in WordPress. We created a custom coded theme according to their specs, and they filled in the content.

We’ve Moved!

Well, digitally speaking. Instead of your bits having to go all the way out to the midwest, they now are taking a relatively short trip to Santa Clara, CA. Making the move has cut our ping time in half! We’re down to 40ms from Portland to Santa Clara and back! We’ve also beefed up what’s under the hood, and connected to some very fat pipes. Our bandwidth allotment is now measures in TeraBytes. We could stream a full length movie 1000 times a month and not run out of bandwidth.

What does that mean practically? Super fast page loads and response times for all our customers.

Some of our Favorite Websites

Colorful Triangles
As I am a web developer, I’m often asked “What’s your favorite website?” Well, there are about 650 million. I like a lot of websites for different reasons. So, it totally depends on the type of website. For instance, Google Drive is amazing from a programming point of view, but not pretty to look at necessarily. Websites exist for vastly different reasons. But to me, the best websites combine great organization, novelty and simplicity and beauty in design. Most importantly, a good website offers good communication! Here are just a quick few that make the cut.

Your Turn!
What are your favorite websites? Enter them below…

While many of these sites are on the more expensive site, probably between $10-20,000 or more, your site could have some of these features and still be remarkably effective… talk to us!
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