Add a Google business Admin, Step by Step

Adding an administrator to your Google my business page can be an exercise in frustration if you don’t follow the correct sequence. Here is a step by step guide to help you navigate to the right spot.

Step 1:

Go to, and click on “Manage Location”


Step 2:

Click on the menu icon at the top left












Step 3:

Click on “Managers”





Step 4:

Input the gmail address of the person who you want to add, and click “Done”.


Add a Facebook Admin, Step by Step

To add a new administrator to your Facebook account, follow these simple steps:


Step 1:

Click on “Settings”

Facebook Admin Settings

Step 2:

Click “Page Roles”

Step 3:

In the empty box, type or paste in the email address of the person you want to make an admin. Note: this must be the email address they use for their Facebook account.

Page-RolesStep 4:

On the blue dropdown menu, be sure to select “Admin”

Step 5:

Click “Save”

That’s all there is to it!

CASE STUDY: Straightline Orthodontics Website

Straightline Orthodontics

When Dr. Kara Hobson decided to open a new orthodontics practice in her home town of Hood River, she wanted a standout website. Every town has its own personality, and we knew from our previous work in the area that Hood River is a very tight knit community that values the outdoors.

The competition has been the only game in town for a long time, and we knew we would have to reflect the sense of community on the website to gain traction. Good photography was imperative. The homepage features a beautiful night shot of Mt. Hood and Hood River licensed from a local photographer, and a shot of Dr. Hobson mountain biking firmly reflects her connection with the outdoor sports crowd.

For the rest of the site, shots of the modern office and the local coffee shop rounded out the at-home feel. Sponsoring the Kids Triathlon was a no brainer for the Straightline Orthodontics team, and was the first post up on the blog. We know Dr. Hobson extends the at-home feel into her work as well. We’re excited to see her practice launch!

Straightline Orthodontics


Little Shredders – A Digital Marketing Success Story

In todays competitive market, a website alone isn’t enough for your small business to thrive. If you provide quality services, you need to promote your business, and reach out to engage your potential customers. After all, what good is a fantastic website if no one sees it? Little Shredders Pediatric Dentistry is an example of a startup firing on all cylinders. Dr Chris Swisher


When Dr. Christopher Swisher decided to open his own pediatric dental practice in Hood River, Oregon, he knew he wanted his practice to be “out of the box.” We partnered with Dr. Swisher to create a winning website and a dynamic digital marketing plan.

Winning website with Search Engine Optimization

Little Shredders Dental website is a fun reflection on the personality of Dr. Swisher and the community of Hood River. It conveys the fact that he isn’t your typical dentist, he genuinely understands kids.

In addition to the visual design, we knew we needed strong SEO to show up on Google. We needed people around the Hood River area to be able to find his awesome new website. Our focus was on searches relating to “pediatric dentist” and “Hood River”. We’re happy to say that Little Shredders is listed first on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for a variety of related searches.

Social Media Marketing

Hood River is a smaller community so we knew social media marketing would play a very large role in getting the word out. Following our Digital Marketing Plan, Dr. Swisher quickly built a following on Facebook, the primary focus of the social media efforts. We recently ran a campaign to further spread the word in the surrounding area, and reached over 10,000 people with more than 200 clicks through to the website!

Reviews are more important than ever, and Chris has chalked up 20+ on Facebook, and is now focusing on Google to grow the portfolio there.Wind Surfer

Traditional Local Marketing

The other critical piece of the marketing is community involvement. Dr Swisher participates in local area events, bringing the Shredder bus, and sponsoring with free pizza, etc. As a Hood River native, he demonstrates his care and desire to improve his community.

Little Shredders Booth


The result of all these efforts? Little Shredders is a thriving practice, with people raving about Dr. Swisher’s excellent care of their children.

Going Viral, Is Your Server Ready?

Viral, just uttering the word makes online marketers start to salivate and also panic. You never know what will reach critical mass and go viral. Some pieces of content that have lain dormant, getting a few hits here and there, suddenly explode, generating thousands or even millions of hits almost overnight. Having a piece of content go viral can be great for business, but it can also be a disaster if you server isn’t able to handle the load.

SmokePicture this:

Your website is hosted by a discount company such as GoDaddy. This is fine when 1000 people a day are visiting. Then, without any warning, someone links to an especially cute cat photo on your site from Reddit. Suddenly 10,000 people are trying to access your site at once. The virtual server, which has a limited amount of processing resources available, struggles mightily under the onslaught of traffic. The site load times slow to a crawl, if people can get through at all. Not a great first impression for thousands of potential customers.

When the Google Bot comes crawling:Traffic Graph

Fathers day weekend one of our clients posted a blog. The image was picked up by Google Image search and the page ranked very high for a variety of web searches related to fathers day. As the traffic graph shows, there was a massive spike in traffic, with 2 months worth coming in over 2 days!

Over the course of about 10 hours, Google showed the image to 600,000 searchers, and the page to approximately 1.4 million.  That’s 2 million searchers, with the bulk of the traffic concentrated in the middle 6 hours.

Here’s what it looks like to your server:


The green bars on the graph represent the last MONTH’s worth of traffic. While the purple bars depict the 6 hour spike. The hit count exceeded 1 million, so I had to reduce it to fit it on the graph.

You can see that we had about 2x the number of average monthly visitors during the spike, and double the monthly pages viewed as well. The real fun was behind the scenes. Google hit (requested data from) our server over 1 million times, slurping up what would have been a year’s worth of bandwidth in a couple of hours!

So, how did our server handle it? No issues at all. We’re ready for your viral blog post.