You Asked, We Listened! KeySite for Small Businesses

As a small business, we enjoy being able to adapt to meet the needs of clients, who are also small businesses.  We love developing and building our fully branded and Artisan designed websites, but we realize that this service does not address everyone’s needs. Not every startup or small business is ready for a full service website. After hearing from you, we have developed a new product to help more businesses succeed.

 Introducing KeySite…

Our KeySites are professional, smaller scale websites that feature brand SEO and mobile friendly design.  It’s fast, affordable and easy.  Just because you’re small doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a big presence on the internet.  For more information visit our website.

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Website Fitness Checkup

Have you done a fitness test on your website lately? Our bodies aren’t the only thing that we need to keep in shape. Keeping your company website at peak performance is vital to your bottom line. Give your website a quick physical with these easy tests to check for optimal performance.

Mobile friendly

Just like some gyms cater to big, sweaty, grunting muscle men, and some provide services to a wider audience, your website needs to cater to a variety of screens, not just bulky desktop monitors.

Google Mobile Friendly Test

Results: Red = bad! Green = Good!


You know a sprinter when you see one; a thin body with well defined leg muscles. Your visitors expect your site to load like Usain Bolt, not like the best customer at the local doughnut shop.

Speed Test

Results: What we’re really looking at is “Load Time”. Anything that measured in milliseconds (ms) is fantastic. 1-3 seconds is ok, 3-6 not so great, over 6 is well, let’s just say you’re not going going to the Olympics with times that like.



Links are like having friends to workout with, which makes fitness easier. How many friends does your website have?

Link Check

Results: This gives us bonus info along with the link stats.

  • SPAM score – If you’re over 6 or 7, your site has things you need to fix, below 4 is best.
  • Domain / Page Authority – This reflects a basket of things including links and traffic.
  • Page Links – Look for “root domains”, this is how many unique sites are linking to you. Further down the page you’ll see a breakdown that gives you the authority score for these sites as well. Ideally, you’ll have lots of links from high authority sites.

Interpreting your scores

If your site passed all the tests with flying colors, congratulations! If it struggled on a few, it might be time for a tune up. If it bombed, huffing and puffing to get up a flight of stairs, it may be time to call in the website personal trainer.

Healthy Body Healthy Business

As a business person, trying to squeeze physical fitness into your daily routine can feel like an exercise in futility. But what if that hour of daily exercise actually made you more efficient and successful? What if it made you a better boss or parent and helped you balance work with home? According to all the research that’s precisely what happens when you make exercise a priority.

person-sport-bike-bicycleRegular exercise will give you more energy throughout the day and better sleep at night. If you have more energy you can proactively tackle that to-do list, be more efficient and get more accomplished. Increasing blood flow to the brain helps you think more clearly, increases creativity and problem solving skills.

Sounds pretty good so far? But wait, there’s more…

Studies have shown that regular exercise actually helps people keep a better balance between the personal and the professional. People feel more efficient and effective at work, which boosts confidence, leading to more relaxation at home. Basically exercise helps you to feel like “I got this!”.

Being physically active raises endorphin levels (the feel-good hormone) which reduces stress and tension. Repetitive body movement of activities like running and walking gives your brain a chance to focus on one task.  This can help you forget, or at least let go, of the day’s stressors. Exercise has even been shown to help reduce mild depression and anxiety.

Investing an entire hour of your limited time in something new can seem overwhelming, but if the results are a healthy body and a better version of you, then that is a sound investment.

CASE STUDY: Painting Specialist Website Design

If you live in Vancouver, WA, chances are you’ve noticed one of the Painting Specialist company vehicles.

Purple Truck

That’s powerful purple marketing! The problem was that their website was not so powerful and did not reflect their strong physical presence. Customers would chase purple trucks around town to get the phone number because they couldn’t find the company online. What they needed was a strong website design and marketing plan that would do the following:

  • Integrate the existing brand
  • Convey the high quality of work and longstanding good reputation of PS to the local market
  • Update the logo while retaining the strong recognition
  • Search Engine Optimization so customers could find that “purple truck” painting company

Updating the Branding

The former logo, the distinctive paint splotch, needed a bit of modernization, while still maintaining continuity. We decided to keep a smaller version of the splotch and emphasize the brand name.


Bringing the Website Design Home

Even though Painting Specialist does work all over the Northwest, we decided to emphasize the local nature of the business to home owners in the area. Garold grew up in Vancouver and has worked in painting since high school.

Including pictures of Garold, his team and photos of their clients and their clients’ homes, as opposed to stock photography was an important design choice. Conveying the truly personal and local nature of the business was imperative. The photography, combined with personal stories from Garold and the homeowners completes an important aspect of the website’s purpose.

No More Truck Chasing

You can provide the best service available, but if a potential customer can’t find you it doesn’t matter.  With some hard work, our proprietary search engine optimization methods have yielded excellent results for “purple truck painters” and related queries. This company illustrates how important excellent SEO is to engaging new customers.

Get to know Painting Specialist and come to love them like we have. Check out their website here!

Painting Specialist Website Design





CASE STUDY: FundAmerica – Results After 6 Months

Our client, FundAmerica, was in need of a complete website redesign and rebuild. We rethought their content into a great new visual design that clearly and effectively expresses the complex financial technology services they provide.

We launched the new website on November 20, 2014. Six months later, things are going incredibly well.


Analytics from the old site are not available, so we used the first 30 days of the new site’s life as the baseline.

Traffic Results

New Visitors

If you need a refresher on Google Analytics check out this blog.

  • Sessions were up 400%
  • Total New Users jumped an incredible 800%
  • New User %: 66% vs 33% (see graph on right)
  • Organic Traffic share – up 1220% (to 49% share)!

Analysis: Overall traffic more than quadrupled. New users dominated, which is exactly what you want to see with an SEO campaign. Direct traffic (typing in or clicking a bookmark) more than doubled and Search traffic increased dramatically, rising to almost half of all visitors.

Bottom Line: Google thinks the new site is worth putting high in search results, and users are validating that choice by clicking through. We call this a huge success, and can’t wait to see the progress at one year.